A Little about Me…

SuePortraitI have always been very crafty. I learned how to sew at a very early age, honing my skills on Barbie Doll clothes. I also have many pleasant memories of the crafts we made in the Girl Scout Troop I belonged to as a child.  This led me, in later years, to become one of the Leaders for the Girl Scout troop my daughter joined. I was nicknamed Craft Mom (of course). 

 In High School and College, I developed interests in Ceramics, Stained Glass and working with precious metals. Through the years I have nurtured wide ranging artistic interests, from sewing and crocheting to woodworking and silversmithing. My desire to create has led me to dabble in almost everything in between. I guess you could say that I have been cursed with this crafty gene my whole life.

I live in Brookfield, Wisconsin with my wonderful husband, Ron, who encourages me in all my artistic pursuits. I am occasionally aided by my daughter, Kelly, who assists me in fabric and bead selection. (She also gets to name the stockings!) My daughter, by the way, has also been cursed with the crafty gene. Sorry, Kelly!

In 2010, I made versions of these Elegant Christmas Stockings as Christmas gifts for women I hold dear in my heart. They were so well received, that I have decided to create these stockings for other women to enjoy.

BradenKellyAlthough Christmas is usually a happy celebratory time, Christmas 2009 was a distressing, heartbreaking time for our family. It was discovered that my brother and sister in law’s nearly one year old son, Braden, had Spinal Muscular Atrophy. (see our links page for more information) In the months to follow, I struggled to understand the implications this genetic disorder would have on our families. Braden is an intelligent, inquisitive boy. He is sweet and funny and I love him very much. But Braden has to face many challenges on a daily basis. He cannot walk; his muscles will not support him. He struggles to sit up straight and to hold his head upright. A simple case of the common cold could prove fatal for him, because he doesn’t have the muscle strength in his chest to cough hard enough to clear his lungs. They say that there is a cure on the horizon, that they are very close. I hope so. 

I am donating $10.00 from each stocking purchase to Families of SMA to support research for finding a treatment and cure for SMA.